back to reality

After a week full of fun in Hongkong, it’s back to reality month this April until the next getaway trip which is next month. going into this month, there’s mostly only unplanned plan with fellow musketeers, colleagues, ex colleagues and some other friends. 1 Meeting up with these musketeers at puchong area this time around, was just a simple dinner catch up to discuss about our itinerary to Yogjakarta the coming month,  and of cos to deliver them the souvenirs that i bought from Disneyland hongkong as well. 2 the unplanned bowling and movie session with the crazy bunch from office. there were only 3 of us watching the hilarious Budapest Hotel which i opposed at first, turn out it was a good movie lol. to spend time waiting for the others to join afterward at the Library, we went for 2 rounds of bowling sessions in Midvalley. the night ended without a single beer, which is a quite surprising thing looking at my colleagues and ex col. 3another highlight for this april was, Leo and i went for Jersey boys show which hosted by the agency where leeyi work at, so she gave these free seats for us to experience the amazing show. i had no idea who they were before watching the show, i went blindly lol.. but anyway, thanks leeyi for hosting us for the second time to a stage show.


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