This month we were back in action. Started the month with a great travel to somewhere that we’ve never been before back at my home country, exploring new places and celebrating birthday.

Remember the airasia fair that we went to at paradigm last few months? Ya we bought tics to jogjakarta that time and here we are in the trip jumping and posing around lol. First stop was of  cos the tourist spot called Gunung Merapi jeep tour. It was a village, what’s left of the village to be precise, because of the erupted merapi volcano years ago. It caused a real damaged to it. Now it has attracted tourist for its story and ruins.


The second tourist spot that we went were the dieng plateau and telaga warna. They were on a higher ground which is pretty cooling. A very nice back to nature kinda place which you wouldn’t be able to get in big cities like KL for example.


Borobudur is surely not a place to be missed if you’re in jogjakarta. One of the world’s heritage that is being preserved. Now set as one of the famous tourist spot here full with people whether it’s tourist or the local themselves. You will find a lot of local students there asking shyly for a pic of two with the tourists who were visiting. It happened to us as well. They mean no harm, it’s just a good memory for them to keep.


The other famous heritage that is located here is prambanan. It is kinda huge place to be explored which we missed the opportunity to do so cos we went there too late. Spent too much time at sultan palace and water castle earlier on the day. Prambanan also serves you a traditional ballet in an open space using prambanan as the background which called Ramayana Ballet, search for it. Unlucky for us, the show had to be canceled half way thru because of the heavy rain.


Celebrating simon’s birthday this month, a gemini guy just like myself. It was a pat Poh gathering at pj A&W as for my knowledge. Turn out its a celebration for simon as well. No fancy fancy party that night, but a happy good chat and a sweet birthday cake from all of us.. 🙂 ^^


Been wanting to try out this “special” Yong tau fu located at taman desa for awhile, Finally the chance was here. Went there with kelven on a Sunday night to enjoy our dinner since we have no idea where else to go so I suggested this place. Why do I say it’s “special”? Cos they serve it in a bbq style where nowhere else that I know off do it. It tasted not bad, and surely it’s more expensive than the normal one. Do give it a try.


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