Hello Birth Month!

My favourite month of the year is back! i always have this thing about celebrating my birthday which is so important cos it makes me feel like being appreciated of my existence by all the people around me, even tho it is just a simple greeting wish.
1im back to Thien Hou temple earlier of this month, just to do some praying and clearing my mind once in a while. mainly cos the location is very nice, on top of a hill where u can enjoy the city view in a peaceful environment. the thing is i keep reminding myself to drop by to the temple more often but it’s seems like i still havent manage to achieve that lol.. >.<

238 gang did a dinner at Novotel Hotel in KL earlier week of this month. it was just a sudden idea cos there’s a discount for member for their dinner promotion. and so happen it was Eygenn and my birthday later on this month, so it turned out to be our birthday dinner bash. The  foods was not that bad actually but the place was really quiet and empty (im not sure why)

3After the dinner, we walked out to Tous Les Jours at Wolo bukit bintang and spent the night longer with cup of drink and birthday cakes. it was the first birthday cake that i got. thanks guys

4Happy birthday to me! it falls on a weekday, so of course gotta work first before going for a celebration. a dinner celebration with Steven. he brought me to a fine dining restaurant called Nathalie Gourmet Studio located at Publika. As you already know me, i am rarely choosing this kind of posh places to have my meal, and that’s the reason he brought me there to experience it ^^ nice pricey foods and i get an ice cream dessert for my birthday cake! ❤

5In the midst of my birthday month, there’s also news that James is leaving to Singapore for his work for a whole year. Because of that, we planned a farewell dinner for him in Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s restaurant with only invited friends. It’s still one more month to go actually, but oh well, this was the only timing that can accommodate most of us.and btw, the foods there was not as good as what we expected it to be.


7Spending the weekend with ah leo and ah lai before joined by ah kok in the evening. it was our routine meeting when everyone is free. plus we havent celebrated my birthday, so it’s gonna be a belated celebration when ah kok finishes her work later on. earlier in the afternoon, we were fooling around in midvalley/garden first since they seldom stepped on their feet there. after that we only drove over to Tropicana Mall for our late dinner and my cute birthday cake hohoho..

8So..here’s another farewell for our beloved James. this time around was a simple potluck gathering with only 7 of us at his castle. I remembered i rushed like hell on that night cos i left midvalley a bit late after my outing with steven. brought over my favourite fuyong eggs from my favourite stall at oug and F1(drove) over to PJ. i can’t remember much what was happening that night :/

9Durian heaven in office! boss was generous enough to ordered few kgs of mixed durians to office for us to feast that day. it was damn goooodd..but then we shoudnt eat too much of it so i stop myself from eating like a mad man lol.. i think that was the first durian feast that ever happened in my office which costed 1k plus.


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