Busy Busy Busy

It was a hell of the month this July, besides my usual routine with friends and such, parents, sister and her children were visiting to KL for holiday to avoid possibility of riot because of the recent president election in Indonesia. So to say it was a pack week between my working hour and accompanying them.

1My last birthday’s treat this year, which was from Bryan. He used to treat me last year as well..what a kind friend eh? ^^ He brought me to Dragon-I after we finished our work out and ordered these massive amount of foods for only 2 of us. End up we couldnt really finish it all. We dont do throwing left over foods so we packed it back for later consumption lol..

2Nowadays it’s very rare for all 8 of us to have free time to gather for yumcha and updating each other about our lives. And this is notably was our last gathering in a group. This gathering happened also because of it was James’ first returning to his homeland from Singapore. Ever since he has been busy with work and on-off Singapore KL once or twice a month. SF is still MIA till now, eqhern and eygenn busy with their partners and so with the rest of the group.

3It was Ramadhan month as well, which means pasar ramadhan will be opening in some locations for the buka puasa feast. I was invited to join the ipoh gang’s venture to the pasar ramadhan nearby Kenny’s house at Subang area. it was packed with people, obviously, cos not only those who are celebrating are there, people like us who arent celebrating also wanna have a taste of ramadhan foods.

4Burger Lab was having their charity day that month. We were allowed to donate anything useful which cost more than 4/5rm in exchange to 1 set of their meal (forgotten which set is that) which worth more than 10rm. So my colleagues and i drove down to the nearest Burger Lab which just right in front of oug to participate after our working hour. this kind of event easily attract lots of youngster to queue up lol..

5Just like any other weekend, Steven & I were in One U for our workout routine. And also movie most of the time. What made it different that day was we had our movie together with James & Simon. After the movie me moved out to Damansara Uptown – The Good Batch for our dinner. I cant really recalled what else we did that day but i think that was it.




Jeng Jeng Jeng, here’s my family who suddenly pop out of nowhere to KL..i only heard about their plan to visit few days before the visit. how surprising. luckily i dont have any plan planned on that week. Sis and the children were the first to arrived, followed by my parents 2 days after. So basically my whole weekdays was, after working hour from office to Bukit Bintang then bring them out to jalan. I also took 1 day leave to accompany them to Bukit Tinggi after my parents reached KL. A 1 day trip to French Village, Japanese Garden and Rabbit/Deer Park at that area. Such a boring place actually.


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