The day you went away

It’s December. .The festive month of the year which full with holiday and least that’s what I tot it will be.. but here I am sulking on my bed in this rainy morning broken hearted. In one night my whole happy life is destroyed by the words “let’s just be friend”. A bomb thrown  that I didn’t see it coming. I tot we are in wonderland but it’s actually just my illusion. One minute im flying high in the sky then the next minute the whole wonderland collapse without any sign. I am saddened and depressed deep inside, my heart is pain. I shoudve known better..nothing come easily if it’s related to me. It’s not easy being me and it’s not easy handling me but I tot you could…and I was damn wrong 😦 you were the one who kept me thru the days so I can see you by end of the week every single weeks. . But now I don’t have anything  and anyone to look forward to anymore..that’s make me scared..I haven’t had enough of you tho we’ve been together for almost a year..Why do you leave ? 😦


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