August rush

1The very first time we went to Picadilly together. since we craved for somewhere someplace different from what we usually had, i brought him to this place for dinner. didnt seem like he fancy it tho, but oh well, at least he experienced this place once.

2After my weekly date on a Saturday, i met up with Aleeyio kok for our usually catch up talking about anything and everything in our life. The venue was Auntie Fay’s house with some snacks and drinks. We ended up overnight there after everyone felt exhausted of talking lol.


4After freshen up the next day, 3 of us decided to continued our journey to KL city after our breakfast leaving ah kok behind cos she needs to go to work. dim sum at uptown then WOLO at bukit bintang in the afternoon. fooling around inside the exhibition area inside and had some tea time.

5if not mistaken this one was on a Friday, cos that’s when our yumcha gathering happened mostly. After meeting up Steven in midvalley for dinner, we drove up to SS2 to meet the guys up for a short yumcha. was quite a short meeting cos it’s hard to find parking there.

6BBQ session with Bryan and his group of friends at his house to celebrate mooncake festival. It was his annual gathering for him and the gang, i was happened to be invited everytime he had this open house. so i brought Steven along as i dont really close with the rest of Bryan’s friends. what a gathering is without wine toss right? 😀

7This one was work stuff. the one i almost had a breakdown doing haha..but not really. i was just too nervous to know that i will need to be the group leader in the team building for all these lawyers from around the world. it sounds like an easy breezy job but for me it’s kinda challenging cos my inability to socialise and talk in front of people. but thank God i got thru it.




Hello Ipoh! We decided to drop by ipoh that weekend in conjunction with Malaysia national day holiday. Following Simon’s car, 3 of us head to ipoh after our brunch together. then met up with James there as our “tour guide” lol..we went around for foods and taking pictures with the famous mural paintings till dawn. Since it’s only a 2 days 1 night trip we didnt manage to explore much. i felt a sick on the trip as well which is suck. but overall thanks to James for the nice hospitality.


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