a date with new experiences

1Good start for my lovely ex-colleagues this month. I was invited to the grand opening of their shop in Sri Petaling where lunch meal was served. It was a pet-care shop along with the owner-care shop as well. how fun is that? u get to do manicure and pedicure while waiting for your lovely pet enjoying their 5-stars service XD.. pet owner go and give it a try!

2In our attempt to do something different, we went to TTDI for yumcha after our usual workout session at One U that saturday. After few rounds of the place, we decided to try out Artisan Roast coffee there, since he’s been there before and i havent. the famous cheese cake had already finish by the time we reached there cos it’s kinda late, about 10plus. so we went for their the chocolate cake, cold choco and coffee.

3Another ex-colleague affair this month. this time was a wedding by my ex-senior colleague in the design department. He finally tied the not after few years of dating. it was held at a restaurant somewhere in Puchong. this was the second wedding that i have ever attended in KL. totally different with what we had back at my home country. it was straightly dinner, drink, chit chat and photo session. that’s it.

Right after the wedding dinner,the colleagues, ex-colleagues and i held our own gathering at Setia Walk’s Loud Speaker ktv for some singing contest lolz..it was fun doing this once in awhile.

4The other attempt to try something different was done this weekend. We went to Secret of Louisiana restaurant which located at kelana jaya, right beside the lake. the place is kinda secluded with cozy outdoor lake view (tho it’s not the best lake ever) while the foods are obviously not that cheap and doesnt taste out of ordinary, it’s still worth to try at least once. Simon joined us that night for the dinner as well since he off work earlier that day.

5Hello tight short! been wanting to give this short short a try for quite sometimes but only got the courage to have it recently. Steven and i bought our first tight short this month, or..if not mistaken he bought it first and i only made up my mind later on. since im still shy letting people see me in this tight, i only wear it on the weekend while im training the legs.

6Our office, my department floor to be exact, finally had its make over after months of putting things together to fit the space. it’s not an extraordinary kind of design but it cheers up the place with colours a little bit more than what it used to be. some said it looks like a kindergarten but oh well, the purpose is to bring out our inner child self so we wont feel too stressed out with works. :Da


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