birthday . wedding . gathering . what a month .

1First year celebrating Steven’s birthday with somewhat something special. since i know he’s a big eater, i brought him to a Japanese all you can eat cuisine named Tao at Sunway Giza. simple cute cake with candle was blown and wishes are made. i do wish him a better greater year ahead. tho by that time i woudnt know that i wont be a big part of it. but still happy birthday to you!

2Medannnn…how ive been missing you for yearsss..finally i got to go back to my lovely hometown and damn a lot has changed over the years that im away. road and houses seems to be smaller, new buildings here and there. packed road still happening unfortunately, but i missed it! my childhood friends were there to welcome me those 3 days of visiting. everyone still looks the same! *hugs

3The main reason i went back to Medan cos one of my old friend is having her wedding and i was invited. been friend since kindergarten, i of cos tried my best to attend her big day. And use that chance to gather will the rest of the gang. Attended the morning ceremony at her home and the groom’s castle, and the dinner at Marriott Hotel. Perfect decors with huge budget i would say. Wish you happily ever after my dear!

4It was October, and of cos it was Halloween! For that reason the 8pors gang did a so called black and orange Halloween-Potluck with some other invited guests. not all of the 8pors were here tho. but i was a decent gathering like usual. some cook their own meals and some (people like me who dunno how to cook) contributed by bringing dabao foods.


Event of the year! lol.. finally the FIESTA day was held. been busy with this project for almost a year and finally it comes to an end. it can be considered as one of the biggest event that ever managed by us. held in 3 locations, JB, Penang and KL. overall it turned out good, tho i think some parts can be better executed. but hey, Good job to me and the team! hopefully this year we got the chance to manage it again.


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