and it’s. ..November you wanna guess how long I’ve abandoned this blog..This month post has been in a draft for few months till I decided that it has to be up! Lol..I will try my best to catch up.

Accompanied steven to fulfil one of his dream to become a qualified trainer at FITM at damansara perdana that weekend. He finally decided to sign up after considering for quite sometimes. I supported him of course 😉 by the time I wrote this he has already completed the course and 1 more exam left to qualified him as a trainer. Congrats in advance 🙂
2Went to another stage show called First Love at DPAC, one of the usual stage performance centre. The show itself contained few stories. Loved the first story where the story hits closer to home, its about surviving few years of relationship..
3Thanks steven for his maybank stuffs’ 40% discount pre village for adidas sports products, I shopped like nobody business . Few hundreds were spent to get these shoes, pants and shirt. Oh well.. I’ve no regret lol. I love shopping. Discounted stuffs.
4Went to zara warehouse sale at pearl point. They have lots of these kind of sales but this was the first one I’ve been to, that was also because simon asked us to go. Didn’t shop anything tho cos I’ve spent for the adidas earlier of the month.
5Celebrity opened another branch at this new mall called Nu Sentral. So we decided to give it a try on their first few days opening. The place is not as big as I expected and the equipments were not fully there yet so I can’t really judge, maybe it’s much better by now.
6 7

Christmas was just around the corner..and taking photos are really a must. So on that weekend we decided to evade pavilion first cos usually their decors are best. And yeah it was not dissapoint. And also we had our meal at morganfields, love ribs but never really spend on foods, just once in awhile.

8Gathering with these bunch at one u,as per usual. And one u Christmas decors became our target of camwhore session in the middle of the night. Lol. Bumped into my manager there, he caught us camwhoring with my selfie stick lol..afterwards we all overnight at auntie fey’s house and continued talk cocking 😜

9Had breakfast at this hipster cafe nearby the next morning before we parted way. Food was not bad but portion kinda small. Environment was not bad, thus we took selfie here and there.


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