Tough end of 2014

1This might be one of my the worst festive season month ive ever had where everyone is cheering and preparing themselves with the loved ones to enjoy the holidays, my life was shattered to pieces after a sudden bomb that was dropped on me without any noticed and sign. but i am today writing about it, living my life peacefully. 2the first few weeks were disaster..everyday seem like a PMS day, even gym day was distracted *excuse the emo selfie lol.. dont blame me cos things are changing suddenly in 1 day after i’ve get used to it over the last 10 months. 😦 3My dear friends came for rescue the next days after they heard about it. *actually they wanna see my cry lol.. but i didnt. so we hang out at midvalley over my sad story. some jokes, some foods and some selfies..earlier before meeting the bunch, i was meeting simon n james first for dinner. thanks to all for the time and the console 🙂 4When the storm was calming down, we went to the stage show LTR, where the tics were already bought in advance. the show was good, i love it cos it’s based on our real life story, something that ive been yearning for but still havent manage to get it. 5another session to cheer up self with the bunch. hang out on weekend for our xmas gathering by having nice meals and singing k at Sunway Giza. but leo and karen havent bought their gifts yet so we have to postponed to another day for the gifts exchange. 6Meeting up with simon and james again at midvalley, shopping accessories for the next day Christmas party at Eygenn’s house. it’s been a good few weeks with companion of friends, forgetting about the trouble in heart. 7Second year home party at Eygenn’s house with the 8pors gang and some invited friends. not really happy with the gift that i got from the gifts exchange tho, but oh well..just took at as part of the fun. the theme for the night was supposed to be red and green, but of course some didnt show up as per colour themed. lol. 8the Forced-date to meet up for our Christmas gifts exchange after being postponed from last week. we met at setia walk puchong after working hour, and like usual i reached first and some of them were late. had sushi for dinner then lepak at coffee shop for our “activities” lolz! 9and hey, it’s Christmas eve..and who do i have here? Steven was free enough to spend his eve with me that night. so to enjoy that festive night we decided to had something bit special from my usual meal, we went in to Chilli at midvalley after our working out session if not mistaken. i remembered everything seemed so wrong and unsettling wheni back home afterwards. 10this is the kind of Christmas i have in my rented to bring the festive back in my room, i have this Christmas tree built and decorated with some ornaments and lighting. not bad right? it’s definitely an improvement from what i did last year! 11Gloomy weekend as i spent it alone. too quite to bared, i drove all the way to Lee Yi’s house before she left to Abu Dabhi the next day to get some comfort. Leo came along as well. and everything seem to gets better when im around my besties. 12Just the boys this time, while Lee Yi was not around, Leo and I spent the day just the both of us. went market shopping for the flood victims at Scott’s Garden Tesco after having our tea time at taman desa then continues to Kuchai Lama for the spaghettis. 13 14And here comes the last day of 2014! tried my best to find a way to celebrate without have to ask him but i failed. tried my luck and he didnt have plan as well, so we decided to celebrate together. initially we want to avoid bukit bintang’s crowd and jam by going to Publika, but to our surprise the place was packed with people as well, cos they have this count down event going on later at the night. Then we decided to just join in the fun, had some nice foods and some cute games and activity. By that, my 2014 comes to and end! See y’all in the 2015 posts! xoxo


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