Hey 2015

1Started the new year by working it out at the gym with Steven. wondering why are we gymming together since what has happened last month? well, things has gotten better tho.. not entirely at once cos im still trying to adjust my life, my mindset to be exact, that it is ok not to be ok and just move on one step at a time. and with the fact that i hate to be alone, i need companion. so there we were, in the gym and lunch at Plan b.

2The weekend has gotten pretty quiet after what has happened.so as that weekend. alone quite and emo. then i decided to find leo at The Mines and work out together at CF. at least my mind and body were occupied from some distracting thought. Afterwards i followed him to Serdang to had dinner, curry noodles nearby his house, with his housemates.

3 Movie movie with this busy guy, forgotten what movie we watched already but he knows what ive just gone thru so he made some times to accompany me for movie after our gym time. the embarrassing thing was i teared up when i chatted with him in the gym, luckily there was noone around to see that. and his reaction was so cute. lol..

4 Electricity was off that day in my office area, so we were allowed to go to somewhere else to continue our work since we had some group discussion to do. Five of us decided to go Starbuck at Scott Garden to utilise the rest of our working hour there. Took some pic with the time as prove that we really work till 7 (my company can be difficult sometimes)

5 The road to recovery still seems so long at time.. so being a nice person that she is, ah lai came over to midvalley to accompany me for dinner after her working hour and after my gym time. We had our dinner at Pasta Zanmai (it’s already closed down now). chit chatting about stuffs as per usual and wefie definitely .

6 Erwin dropped by to KL when he’s transiting to Boracay on a weekend, so being a fellow good friend from hometown, i was asked to bring him around KL. As he is a first timer visitor, where else would be the best place to visit? the answer surely is KLCC. so there we were, KLCC and bukit bintang area.

8 On that rainy weekend night, we were planning to have our dinner at Naughty Nuri Sri Hartamas to celebrate Leo’s bday with some nice indonesian foods. so we decided to give that place a try since we loved it when we visited the original branch at Bali year ago. But the place was full with people whose already made a reservation, so we end up to the next best Balinese food which is only a block away called Naughty Babe Dirty Duck. Thank God the place was not full and the foods tasted as good as the other one.

9 Continued to A Pie Thing to had some “cakes” to officiate Leo’s bday since he wanted to visit that place for sometimes. lucky it still open, so we dropped by and ordered 4 pies to be shared, it’s not that cheap if im not mistaken. nice pies but the place is a bit small for my liking.

10 Met up with Jay Jay for dinner at midvalley, which he treated me a japanese meal..cos he used to do that to me!lol such a nice guy right.. For return i brought him to Magnum cafe and bought him this nice and delicious looking magnum ice cream for dessert ^^

11 Second time in a month i visited Magnum cafe. This time was with Steven. The crowd was dying down on weekdays so we used that chance to let him try this dessert. i dont mind having this every week, cos it’s chocolate..who doesnt like chocolate right lol..

12 13 Chinese New Year was approaching soon, all the malls were ready with their beautiful red gold pink decors to welcome this festive season earlier on February. So it is only fair if we selfie with it right? lol..Was with simon at midvalley garden and kelven at pavilion that day.


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