The decision. 2015.

So back to the decision time as what I faced last 2 years. This time I’ve made up my mind to leave this company for a greater good. Which lead up to giving up staying in malaysia any longer than I am signed up to. Which is this August 18.

looking for new job doesn’t seem so easy for me as an Indonesian, and with the kind of line I’m in I don’t have a big chance to score a job easily. Singapore will be my next target, but until then I might have to stay back in jakarta after my working permit at malaysia ended in august and company contract ended in September to look for a vacancy there. I’m already trying now btw, but still no luck yet. So we’ll see..

so to summarise everything that’s gonna happen ..

1. I’m going to notice my bosses about not renewing my contract in these few days.

2. Ending my working permit on August 18 then leave malaysia back to jakarta.

3. Either coming back to malaysia to finish up my contract with my current company till September 30 or will be working from home in jakarta.

4. Looking for new job in process. Anyone who has any information about vacancy for graphic designer in Singapore or Malaysia please let me know k!

Wish me luck! 😊


4 thoughts on “The decision. 2015.

      1. well, i’ve asked around in SG.
        there was some opening for GD in SG but that was long ago.
        anyway, mail me your email address, so that i can forward you the company.

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